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My name is Christian Dolan, a freelance Digital Marketer and Copywriter based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. I’m here to help you develop, implement and execute a bespoke marketing strategy for your business

In short…I’m your Comms, Social and Content guy


Brand Awareness

Build your online presence and produce regular content to keep your customers engaged and your business present.

Increased Retention

To keep customers interested, your marketing strategy has to be both targeted and relevant.

Build Loyalty and Trust

I’ll help you build a credible reputation that makes the reader want to take action.

Save Money

I’ll make sure you get the most from your spend and recommend the most cost-effective strategy for you.

Better Customer Journey

Simplify the customer journey and help help them move through their purchase decision more quickly.

Generate More Leads

Raising awareness and keeping your customers happy will help your business generate more leads.

My mission is to provide services with

integrity, creativity and responsibility.

Digital Marketing

Everyone is going digital and it’s critical you don’t fall to the wayside. It’s cheaper, instant and a must-have for business survival.

Email Marketing

Prospects, leads, existing and past customers. Email marketing is a great way to reach out to all of these.Talk to them personally, directly via their inbox.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When did you last go beyond the first page of Google? Great SEO builds both credibility and trust with customers. It’s constantly changing and you need adapt with it.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. As a business it opens the doors to thousands of new potential customers. It’s cost-effective and instant. The longer you wait, the more you’ll have to lose.


Copywriting is one of the most underrated services and yet it’s so effective for business.It’s the heart of emotive marketing and high-quality content.

If you need a marketing expert that specialises in the health & fitness industry, get in touch.


"Christian helped the LBA in its early days to revamp its strategy across our social platforms. He also established a monthly newsletter which collated to over 50,000 hits."

Tony Lazare, CEO London Basketball Association (June 2016)

"The highlight of working with Christian was reacting to trends and spending habits of our user base to increase sales for his event at the venue!"

Will Baker, Sales Support Team Lead at Fever Labs Inc. (February 2018)

"Christian was a pleasure to work with. Communication was always clear and professional."

Lauren Howells, Freelance Copywriter. (Sept 2018)

"Christian is a highly motivated and driven individual with a flair for diplomacy."

Katherine Moss, Digital Marketer (February 2016)

"Christian is highly motivated and an excellent 'people person'. Christian is an incredibly hard worker, punctual and 100% reliable. He shows initiative and willingness to sort issues and help drive the clinic forward."

John Nugus, Chartered Physiotherapist (July 2014)

On a mission

Dolan Digital is a Digital Marketing and Copywriting consultancy service based in Brighton & Hove. We aim to deliver integrity, creativity and responsibility. For the client, to the client.

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