Cover Letter & C.V: When the unexpected happens and a new change awaits…

by | Aug 17, 2019 | Content Writing, Services

You wake up one morning and walk into work. Perhaps you love the job you do and the company you work for. It’s like any other day, expect today its announced that for one reason or another, you’re being made redundant. In that split second you’ve gone from finanical security to not knowing when or where your next pay cheque is coming from.

Knowing your own strengths

That’s what happened to Daniel recently. Having been in his current role for a number of years, he suddenly had to find a new job and fast. Daniel found me via Twitter and got in touch as he was in need of a complete cover letter & C.V makeover. He confessed that marketing himself or designing a C.V that can stand out, wasn’t his remit and therefore require my expertise.  

The Problem at hand

Daniel knew he had been out of the game for a while and needed to step it up when it came to selling himself. A black and white CV just won’t really cut it any more. Daniel was asked to send over his current CV and cover letter. Within a few hours I had sent back a short analysis, breaking down what did and didn’t work alongside my suggestions and ideas. 

Shortly after, he got back in touch to say he would be happy for me to proceed and we got down to business.

Professional window

Just like any website is the shop window for any business, a cover letter & C.V is the window into you as a potential employee. It will make or break whether a potential employer wants to meet you or not. Therefore it was really important for me to showcase Daniel’s skill set. In order to do so, I had to get to know and understand Daniel on a professional scale. 

Firstly, I asked him to send me over a brief, detailing what he was looking to achieve. Daniel’s cover letter was minimal. On the otherhand, his CV was far too wordy and read more like a short essay. My plan was to reduce one and condnese the other without losing it’s flow and messaging. In addition, I suggested we completely reformat it’s appearence and get creative in showcasing his top skills and accomplishments. 

Getting down to it…

For me, it was about making Daniel’s cover letter & C.V personable. As a hobby, he is very much into interior design and I wanted to add a touch of that to the design of his CV. Browsing Daniel’s twitter account, I came across a picture of his lounge. He had a footstool which was a really interesting shade of a grey-blue combination. So I used that as the primary colour throughout the design. 

The outcome

Daniel was really impressed with the first draft. As a result, I only had a few amendments to make on both documents in terms of the facts and figures. I had a copy of Daniel’s cover letter & C.V sent to him in a variety of formats to suit a variety of application processes. Should Daniel want me to update his documents, I have them all on file and can do so with ease and at very little cost. 

Follow up…

A few weeks later, Daniel reached out to let me know that he had several recruiters comment on the design and copy of both his cover letter & C.V. They commented on how good the design and copy was. As a candidate, he stood out to his competitors. Daniel kindly left me a review on Facebook. It really pleases me to hear that my work has made a positive impact on others as it’s something I strive to do. Afterall, my motto is ‘To the client, for the client…’

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