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the benefits of email marketing

Targeted Messages

Email marketing is not just about the campaign itself, but also your audience lists. The more you know about your customers, the better you can refine your messaging, only sending it to those who actually want to read it.

Successful Campaigns

Email campaigns should form the basis of any good digital marketing plan. It’s a no-brainer, easy to set-up and build. Plus, your followers can easily share this online, which means more people will discover your brand.


When it comes to digital marketing, email is probably the most cost-effective option out there. You only pay for your active subscribers, which means you don’t lose out on sending a campaign to someone who doesn’t want it.


Instant Impact

The minute you press ‘send’, the results start coming in. Did you know that most conversions happen within the first few hours of a campaign being sent. Want to create an offer on the day? Email is your go-to for the best results.


Do you know how many people open your emails and click on your various links? With all platforms, the results are there as they come in. If you don’t understand the data and want an analysis, I can help you establish the best time to send your campaigns.

Engaged Audiences

Your subscribers have chosen to sign-up, which means they are already interested. The trick is to then keep them engaged and build your loyal following.

“Email marketing is cost-effective, reliable and measurable.”

– Christian Dolan

Initial or Existing Set-up

If you’re new to email marketing and don’t know where to begin, I can help find the right platform for you, create targeted groups and build templates that match your brand and voice.

Alternatively, if you need me to audit your current strategy, I can do that too.

Email Automation

Scheduled emails that are sent when your customer makes an action, e.g. a welcome email upon subscription or ‘we miss you’ email for someone who’s not taken up your services in a while.

Valuable and yet forgotten.

If you don’t have this already, ask yourself, why not?

Database Growth

Growing an active database is trickier than it sounds.

It’s important to ensure you’re using every opportunity to invite people to subscribe whilst practicing an ethos of quality over quantity.

I can help refine your existing list and segment them to allow more targeted campaigns.

Email Design and Mobile Optimisation

Emails are a great way to showcase your brand and offerings. A branded email design goes a long way.

It must be designed and written in the tone and voice of your brand. Are your emails optimised for mobile?

With over two-thirds of consumers opening their emails on the go, this is a trick you can’t miss.

Improve Deliverability

How often to you think about the subject lines for your campaigns. It’s the first thing your subscribers see, so you need to make it open-worthy.

I can review your existing campaigns and suggests ways to improve your campaigns from start to finish.

Account Management

Too busy to run and manage your email campaigns but don’t have the budget to hire someone full time?

I can manage your account for you. Drop me an email to arrange a free consultation.

Help me to establish your specific needs and requirements and let’s build something pretty awesome.

If you need a marketing expert that specialises in the health & fitness industry, get in touch.


"Christian helped the LBA in its early days to revamp its strategy across our social platforms. He also established a monthly newsletter which collated to over 50,000 hits."

Tony Lazare, CEO London Basketball Association (June 2016)

"The highlight of working with Christian was reacting to trends and spending habits of our user base to increase sales for his event at the venue!"

Will Baker, Sales Support Team Lead at Fever Labs Inc. (February 2018)

"Christian was a pleasure to work with. Communication was always clear and professional."

Lauren Howells, Freelance Copywriter. (Sept 2018)

"Christian is a highly motivated and driven individual with a flair for diplomacy."

Katherine Moss, Digital Marketer (February 2016)

"Christian is highly motivated and an excellent 'people person'. Christian is an incredibly hard worker, punctual and 100% reliable. He shows initiative and willingness to sort issues and help drive the clinic forward."

John Nugus, Chartered Physiotherapist (July 2014)

Signed, sealed, delivered (and shared)

Let’s not try denying it, email subscriptions are generally hated, but I can reignite that former love for them. Honestly, no really…they’ll be so good, you’ll be subscribing to mine.