Health & Fitness Industry specialist

Work in the health & fitness industry? Perhaps you’re a studio owner, PT or a Physiotherapist? I will take inspiration and motivation and align them together for your brand.

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  • Bespoke content
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reasons to hire me

8+ years experience

My wealth of experience has given me a great understanding of the industry, its trends. I know what works, chances are I’ve tried and tested it.

Build relationships

Physios and fitness professionals are like neighbours who’ve never spoke. There’s a lot of common ground and I know how to build a solid, beneficial two-way relationship.

Health & Fitness Marketing Specialist

Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner, instructor, a studio or gym, chances are I know your USPs. I can help grow your business.


With health & fitness, I can jump right in and hit the ground running. Let me save you time by producing the work a lot quicker than the average joe…

Knowledge is Power

From studios and leisure centres to physiotherapists. Add on those who I’ve collaborated or co-marketed with and the list suddenly gets a lot bigger.

It’s my niche

I live and breathe it, which means I get really personable when it come to marketing your brand to stand out from the crowd.

“I have a deep understanding of the marketing problems you face. . .more importantly, I know how to solve them”

– Christian Dolan

Relationship Building

I have a number of strong existing relationships with a number of healthcare professionals (doctors, orthopaedic consultants and their respected marketing departments) within the sector alongside various personal trainers, instructors, studios, etc.

Want an introduction? If I don’t know someone directly, I can guarantee you I know someone who will…

Corporate Wellness

Getting your foot into the corporate world around you can bring some huge benefits to your business. It’s also a great opportunity to co-market and have a big name next to yours.

I’ve co-marketed with some of the biggest brands going. If you’re looking to establish a connection with corporate companies to offer your services, let’s have a chat…

Content & Social

If there’s one thing I can churn out pretty quickly, it’s exciting and new content. When running a campaign it’s about ensuring the same message is delivered across all your channels, but defined for that particular medium.

Think of it a bit like when your match an outfit together, there’s similarities but each piece is unique. When it comes to the your business, I know how to dress it up smart using compelling and persuasive copy.


Start-up & Growth

Perhaps you’re just starting up your business? Your business is in its infancy and needs nurturing. I can help get it off the floor.

Whether it’s a focus on a particular area or you need a complete overhaul, I’ve experience at setting up and maintaining a solid brand and identity.

Copywriting Specialist

With 8+ years experience working alongside practitioners in various roles, when it comes to anatomical and physiological terminology, I am well-versed. If you need some content copywriting for the everyday reader, send it over to me with all the technical lingo, and I will turn it into something that everyone else can understand.

Similarly, If you require an audio transcription, get in touch.

Event & Networking

Networking. I suppose nobody really likes it, but it has to be done in order to help your business grow. As someone who knows the health & fitness industry well and likes a crowd. I can attend events on your behalf and gain those all-important leads.

Perhaps you’re running an event and need some live social media coverage throughout the day or evening, or maybe you want a really important press release to follow directly afterwards….

Drop me an email and let’s see what I can do to help you, help your clients.


"Christian helped the LBA in its early days to revamp its strategy across our social platforms. He also established a monthly newsletter which collated to over 50,000 hits."

Tony Lazare, CEO London Basketball Association (June 2016)

"The highlight of working with Christian was reacting to trends and spending habits of our user base to increase sales for his event at the venue!"

Will Baker, Sales Support Team Lead at Fever Labs Inc. (February 2018)

"Christian was a pleasure to work with. Communication was always clear and professional."

Lauren Howells, Freelance Copywriter. (Sept 2018)

"Christian is a highly motivated and driven individual with a flair for diplomacy."

Katherine Moss, Digital Marketer (February 2016)

"Christian is highly motivated and an excellent 'people person'. Christian is an incredibly hard worker, punctual and 100% reliable. He shows initiative and willingness to sort issues and help drive the clinic forward."

John Nugus, Chartered Physiotherapist (July 2014)

Pick the guy who knows what he’s talking about…

Everyday, more and more people are combining fitness and their wellbeing as one. Get motivated with your marketing strategy from an industry specialist.

(FYI, that’s me in case it wasn’t quite clear)