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Capital Physio is recognised as one of the leading physiotherapy groups in the UK, with a reputation for providing quality treatment and lasting results to their patients.

I recently worked as their Marketing Manager for 12 months.

My role involved working closely alongside the management team, CEO and team of clinicians to create, implement and execute a variety of marketing strategies.

Initially I spotted gaps within their marketing strategy. Their website lacked regular content planning.  A calendar based on high keyword search terms from Google was devised in order to improve both their page and blog rankings. My knowledge of the physio industry meant that I was able to work with both internal and external stakeholders closely in the development of the marketing strategy.

Challenges included, single-handedly being able to manage the marketing strategy of their 25+ clinics and 20+ practitioners. However, with my existing contacts (predominantly in London) I was able to easily assist any new or existing clinicians who were looking to increase their referral network and build a patient list quickly.

With regards to campaigns, I created, led and executed several successful campaigns including a massage giveaway for every England goal scored in the FIFA 2019 World Cup which ran across all social platforms and via email. For Capital’s 2018 Black Friday offer, I chose an existing offering – increasing its value, but keeping the price the same. This contributed to 15.8% of the sales for this time period.

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“Christian helped the LBA in its early days to revamp its strategy across our social platforms. He also established a monthly newsletter which collated to over 50,000 hits.”

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