Search engine optimization (SEO)

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first…

  • Technical SEO
  • Optimised content
  • Authority building

Ready? Set? Go!


Great First Impression

People are busy and time is money. Poor SEO shows and it deters customers away. Don’t be that person who fails to deliver a first impression over something so simple.

Build Your Brand Identity

SEO should be your base ingredient to the cake that is your company. Like the ‘popular friend’, it’s very influential. Your brand is about how your customers identify and label you. Like any solid friendship, when it’s done right, it really works.


Low-cost, High ROI

Tweaking and improving your SEO across your company should be an ongoing matter. It should never stop. For something that doesn’t cost much to manage, you’ll sure see a high return of investment, so in theory…it’s (pretty much) free!

Mobile Friendly

Not having a mobile SEO strategy is like going into battle without any weapons. Your SEO must be mobile optimised, your pages formatted for mobile and tablet, otherwise your customer user experience decreases, along with your sales.

Increase Visibility

You’ve finally been convinced that content is king, but you’re not getting the results you expected? The higher you rank, the more credible you become, which means lots more people will discover you.


Better Conversion Rates

Tactful SEO increases your chances of better conversion rates. Similar to a race, the faster the website loads, the higher it ranks on Google.

“The brave may not live forever – but the cautious do not live at all!”

– Richard Branson

Audit and review

By looking at your existing set up, I can give you an overview of what is and isn’t working for you, report on what your competitors are doing and establish where new opportunities lie.

Auditing your current SEO strategy includes an overall website audit, a competitor analysis, local SEO search performance as well as feedback on how you can improve your overall SEO strategy.

SEO Copywriting

When most people think SEO, their website immediately comes to mind. But SEO goes way beyond that.

Your copy across all your platforms and channels (social media, blogs, press releases, articles, etc.) must be written with SEO in mind. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, or fancy it sounds.

If it’s not first page material, you need to make it become so. Luckily for you, copywriting happens to be one of my strengths. Want to bounce back? Get started today…

Content Management

As the saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but in terms of SEO it will get you nowhere.

You need content that is not only original, it must resolve your readers problems. Content isn’t just text, it’s videos, images, podcasts, right down to the plugins and tools you use your for website.

I can explore the options available to you, use your existing connections to increase your SEO score and suggest new and exciting prospects to boost your SEO content management.

Local SEO

Do you regularly keep a list of all ways in which people discover your business online?

Are you using Google MyBusiness or other business directories as a way to increase your exposure and SEO?

Using local SEO techniques allows you to promote your services to those at the time they are searching.

Online reviews not only showcase your quality, but they send a signal to search engines. Ask yourself how often are you actively using your feedback platform to increase reviews. Now ask me what I can do to help improve your local SEO.

Website SEO

When was the last time you checked the back end of website? Off hand, can you list your top three landing pages?

You built your website years ago, so why do you need me? Firstly, I can review your existing set up from a front and back end perspective. This will allow me to see what needs fixing and what we can add into the mix to optimise your presence.

Finally, by tying this in with an updated strategy, I can create content targeted at your customers keyword-related search terms.

If you need a marketing expert that specialises in the health & fitness industry, get in touch.


"Christian helped the LBA in its early days to revamp its strategy across our social platforms. He also established a monthly newsletter which collated to over 50,000 hits."

Tony Lazare, CEO London Basketball Association (June 2016)

"The highlight of working with Christian was reacting to trends and spending habits of our user base to increase sales for his event at the venue!"

Will Baker, Sales Support Team Lead at Fever Labs Inc. (February 2018)

"Christian was a pleasure to work with. Communication was always clear and professional."

Lauren Howells, Freelance Copywriter. (Sept 2018)

"Christian is a highly motivated and driven individual with a flair for diplomacy."

Katherine Moss, Digital Marketer (February 2016)

"Christian is highly motivated and an excellent 'people person'. Christian is an incredibly hard worker, punctual and 100% reliable. He shows initiative and willingness to sort issues and help drive the clinic forward."

John Nugus, Chartered Physiotherapist (July 2014)

Content is just jumbled words if it’s not making an impact

SEO is about demonstrating your value as a business, don’t undervalue yourself. know your worth and help your customers find you easily.